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This website (hereinafter "the Website") is operated by FINALGATE PTE. LTD. (hereinafter "the Company").
By using the Website, customers will be deemed to have consented to the following particulars.
The following particulars may be changed without prior notice. In such case, please confirm the date of the latest update shown on the top of this page.

1. Cookies, JavaScript and IP Addresses

Cookies, JavaScript and IP addresses may be used in some parts of the Website for the following purposes:

(1) To conduct surveys on how the Website is used by customers under the circumstances whereby the identity of the customers cannot be verified;
(2) To detect and solve the cause(s) of a problem that has occurred in the web server;
(3) To improve the content of the Website, emails, etc. to further satisfy customers; and
(4) To customize the content of the Website, emails, etc. to make the them suitable for the usage of each customer.

* IP address is the number by which your computer can be identified.
* JavaScript is a script language embedded in a webpage (html) and is executed through the browser, by which various expressions and motions can be displayed on the page.
* Cookies are data to be transmitted from our server to your browser and stored in the hard disk drive or memory in your computer. While your IP address will be identified by cookies, it cannot specify your identity unless you have entered your personal data. The information you have entered or selected will be stored in cookies and you will be identified by cookies when you access the Website again; however, your privacy and usage environment will not be negatively affected.

As long as you give permission to send and receive cookies in your browser settings, cookies can be sent from our server to your browser. However, for the purpose of privacy protection, you can disable cookies or have a warning displayed when cookies are received through the cookies settings on your browser. Please note that if cookies are disabled, some services may not be available. In addition, the configuration and management of cookies settings shall be your own responsibility.

2. Collecting and Using Personal Information

The Company will not use the personal information that it has obtained beyond the extent of the purposes of use thereof without obtaining consent from the customer. The Company will use the personal information obtained for the following purposes:
(1) To conduct business introductions regarding the products or services dealt with by the Company;
(2) To conduct questionnaire surveys with customers for the planning and development of products, reviewing customer satisfaction measures, etc.;
(3) To perform services that are necessary for responding to the customer inquiries, implementing expeditious services, etc.; and
(4) Any other purposes of use that are manifested when the personal information is obtained.

However, the foregoing will not apply if:

(1) The disclosure of personal information may possibly harm the customer or a third party's life, body, property or any other rights or interests held by the customer or a third party;
(2) The disclosure of personal information may possibly harm the Company's rights or legitimate interests;
(3) The disclosure of personal information is necessary in order to cooperate with a national or local government authority in the execution of affairs prescribed by any law or ordinance and in which obtaining your consent is likely to impede in the execution of those affairs; or
(4) The purpose of use is deemed to be clear when considering how it was obtained.

3. Management of Personal Information

When dealing with the personal information of customers, the Company appoints an individual in charge of its management who manages it appropriately and is committed to preventing the leak of personal information. As for the risks of the unauthorized access from outside, loss, corruption, falsification, etc., the Company is also committed to protecting the personal information of customers by implementing an appropriate and reasonable level of security measures.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company will never sell or lease personal information. The Company may provide the personal information to a third party (or third parties) if:
(1) The provision of the information is consented by that individual;
(2) A questionnaire survey is conducted with customers for the planning and development of products, reviewing customer satisfaction measures, etc.;
(3) Appropriate implementation the Company's services may be significantly interrupted; or
(4) The Company is in breach of other laws or regulations.

In principle, the information other than personal information, such as access history, will not be disclosed.

5. Inquiries and Correction of Personal Information and Request for Suspension of Service by Customers

If you wish to inquire about or correct the personal information, or to have the service suspended, (hereinafter "Amendment"), please address the request to the Company. Upon receipt of the request for an Amendment from the customer or his/her agent regarding the personal information, the Company will, within the necessary scope for achieving the purpose of use, conduct a review during a reasonable period and will conduct Amendments to personal information according to the results of the review.

6. Contact Information Regarding Personal Information

If you have any inquiries or suggestions regarding the personal information at the Company, please address it to the following:


Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

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