interview no.01 Engineer Kentaro Yano

01 The ideal approach is different for each facility

My work mainly involves planning and implementing energy saving tuning at the facilities of our clients.

The first thing I do is confirm recent trends in the facility's energy consumption. I then draft an improvement plan, taking into account the season and the specific conditions at the facility.
On the day the work is to begin, I meet with the person in charge of the facility at the appointed time and explain what I have in mind. I then set to work changing equipment settings, installing control equipment and so forth. When the work is complete I take the necessary measurements and observe how the modifications run. Finally, I report everything to the person in charge of the facility.

02 Results that make clients happy

The purpose of energy saving tuning is to maximize the operating efficiency of lighting, HVAC and other systems without compromising performance. We draw out maximum efficiency, taking factors such as the equipment installation environment, operating conditions and comfort inside the facility into careful consideration. The tasks we carry out to accomplish this goal are highly specialized. For example, we boost the exhaust heat efficiency of HVAC outdoor units, fine-tune AHU and water-pump controls, and adjust AHU dampers according to each season.

03 Sensing each concern and working to solve them

One thing I take great care with in each task is ensuring that the client feels comfortable dealing with us. For example, I pay attention to the client's facial expression and turns of phrase. I can sense a great deal about clients' concerns from the way they talk and from the appearance of the site. And I do my best to note and respond to those concerns.

Energy saving tuning is an extremely specialized field of technology. Even when I know that the client has concerns about a facility, it can be a challenge to ascertain whether energy saving tuning can help improve energy efficiency and to explain the problem in words. As a result, in some cases it is difficult for clients to consult us. When I meet clients, I listen carefully to them as I try to unravel what their concerns are, and take the initiative in solving them.

04 Putting all our knowledge and technology at the client's disposal

I've worked at locations of all types and sizes all over Japan, including commercial facilities, supermarkets, office buildings and logistics warehouses. No two sites have the same equipment, so naturally the tuning I do at each site is unique. It's a tough challenge because I have to draft a work plan for each site according to its conditions, but at the same time that's what makes the job compelling for me.

But every situation has one thing in common: I start from the client's point of view and tailor each solution to the everyday conditions of the client's operations. I'm determined to put all our knowledge and technology at the client's disposal as a partner the client can depend on.

05 A company where clients feel at ease and can depend on

The atmosphere at FINALGATE is cheerful and cozy. Yet when it comes to getting the job done right, we are each other's hardest taskmasters. This is why our clients feel at ease with FINALGATE and know that they can always depend on us.

Whenever we develop solutions for clients, we focus all our efforts at devising the best approach to maximize client value. I hope that by applying this commitment consistently, we can be a company that society as a whole feels at ease with and can depend upon.

Interviewer/Writer: Atsushi Tanaka怀Photographer: Koji Hirata怀Posted: October 2014


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